"The eye listens and the heart
sees the dream. Pleats and stitches create
soft castles for the body. Unique garments
for a magic universe in reality."

- Anna Heinrichs -

Anna Heinrichs founded HORROR VACUI in Munich in 2014 after dreaming of her own fashion creations since childhood.

The label's name means 'fear of the void' in Latin and references the arts and visual disciplines of filling all spaces with detail - a reflection of the brand's maximalist aesthetic.

Anna creates garments inspired by 15th and 16th century nightgowns and elements of Bavarian costume. In doing so, she focuses on feminine silhouettes and Liberty prints in her designs.

Lovingly handcrafted scalloped edged hems, "Froschgoscherl" and smockings give her collections their distinctive characteristics.