"In every fold and stitch,
we craft a sanctuary for the
soul, blending the art of living
with the magic of dreams.
Our garments whisper
of a wondrous reality
where the heart dreams
and the eyes listen."

- Anna Heinrichs -

Diving into the vibrant tapestry of HORROR VACUI, we uncover a realm where every detail tells a story. In 2014, under the bright skies of Munich, Anna Heinrichs embarked on a sartorial journey that brought her childhood visions of fashion to life.

HORROR VACUI, translating to ‚fear of empty spaces‘ from Latin, perfectly encapsulates the brand‘s ethos – every piece is a canvas for intricate details and rich narratives, boldly challenging minimalism with its lush, maximalist approach.
With a nod to the elegance of the Renaissance and the charm of Bavarian tradition, Anna crafts each garment as a celebration of femininity, weaving history and modernity with her selection of Liberty prints and timeless silhouettes.

The signature scalloped edges, ‚Froschgoscherl‘ trims, and meticulous smockings are not just embellishments but the heartbeats of her creations, ensuring that every piece resonates with the depth of artisanal craftsmanship.

At HORROR VACUI, each collection is an invitation to explore a world where fashion is not just worn but lived – a testament to Anna’s dedication to filling life‘s voids with beauty, one garment at a time.