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DEFENSIA dress is crafted from cotton poplin, designed to float softly over the figure. It features a delicately ruffled Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves, and an asymmetric hem that imparts a timeless romantic charm. Equipped with two side pockets and a coordinating same-fabric tie-belt, this dress seamlessly merges the easy elegance of a cotton garment with the refined sophistication of a meticulously handcrafted masterpiece. This unique synthesis transforms it into a versatile chameleon, effortlessly transitioning from a chic day dress in the city to a vacation essential, or serving as an exquisite choice for special occasions like weddings or garden parties.



The scallop edge hem, a distinctive hallmark within Anna‘s collections, stands as a testament to HORROR VACUI’s unparalleled craftsmanship and artisanal excellence. Meticulously shaped by the skilled hands of our artisans, each scallop is a symphony of precision and dedication. This handcrafted technique transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, revealing a nuanced artistry that transcends the constraints of mass production.

In our atelier, each edge of the fabric is intricately cut with precision, employing scissors to gracefully shape the rounds. The process is elevated with a meticulous finishing touch—fine stitchings that trace the curves with exacting detail. This labor-intensive technique encapsulates the essence of handcrafted luxury, ensuring that each scallop becomes not just a design feature but a tangible masterpiece.

The result is not just a scallop edge; it is a tactile poetry of skill, and a luxurious signature that defines the distinct allure of HORROR VACUI garments.


Enter the realm of sartorial mastery with our honeycomb smocking technique—a needle-and-thread ballet that sculpts diamond-shaped structures. The needle gracefully weaves through the first dot, repeats its rhythm with the second, orchestrates their union, and then elegantly stitches over this harmonious duo. Honeycomb smocking endows the garment with elasticity while concurrently fostering warmth and insulation within the diminutive air pockets it forms.

Our skilled artisans embroider the honeycomb technique completely by hand, ensuring the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our garments.

Rooted in German embroidery traditions since the 16th century, honeycomb smocking is the oldest of its kind. We take pride in preserving this artisanal heritage, infusing each garment with a touch of history and sophistication. Knots, tied with unparalleled care at each juncture, encapsulate the essence of our dedication to artisanal excellence.

Size & Fit

Midi length dress with asymmetric hem.

· Fits true to size
· Dropped shoulders for a relaxed fit across the shoulders
· Self tie-belt
· Two descreet side slit pockets

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Care Guide

Delicately launder this garment by employing a hand wash or gentle machine wash with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Refrain from using bleach or tumble drying. When ironing is necessary, do so with a low-temperature setting.